about edunham's slides


They're made with Sphinx and Hieroglyph.




If you've found a typo or have a resource to add, shoot me a pull request over at https://github.com/edunham/slides !

Speaker notes?

When you're viewing a slide deck, hit ctrl+c to bring up the presenter console


see? here's a note to the speaker! It's in a ..note:: block in the source.


If you've seen one of my talks in person or online and have an opinion about it, please let me know! Email dunhame@onid.orst.edu or IRC edunham on freenode.net with your thoughts.

I'm especially interested in suggestions for improving the abstracts and organization of each presentation, since I often reuse the same slides a few times.

Where are the slides from $CONFERENCE?

Try http://talks.edunham.net/ . Click on the conference name for the slides I used at it.

Are the talks recorded?

When recordings are available, they're linked from the snapshot of the slides from that conference.

Will you speak about $TOPIC?

Maybe! Email me (dunhame@onid.orst.edu) or ping me (edunham on irc.freenode.net) with your request!

Will you speak at $CONFERENCE?

Probably! If it's outside the Pacific Northwest, I might need travel and housing assistance, since I'm still a student.